'Going to Mitchell Hall at St. Cloud' L>R: Nancy McDaniel, Linda Hosker, Judy Sorensen

Life After High School

Send us any photo (jpg format please) you think will be interesting to your classmates. It can be current or from anytime after we graduated.


50th Reunion - Aug. 25th, 2011 - Registration/Welcome Reception and Brookside Mini-Reunion

Nancy Conlee, Mary Mayhew

50th Reunion - Lake Calhoun Rendezvous - Aug. 25, 2011

Mary Jo Kaess Shaw, Roger Eckers, Kathy Buresh Takacs, Dennis Olson, and Jay Goetting.

50th Reunion - Lake Minnetonka Cruise - Aug. 26, 2011


50th Reunion - Park Tavern Friday Night - Aug. 26, 2011


50th Reunion - Basketball Game - Aug. 26, 2011

Pep Rally Program

50th Reunion - Pep Rally - Aug. 26, 2011

High School

50th Reunion - High School Tour - Aug. 26, 2011


50th Reunion - Memorial Service and Breakfast BBQ - Aug. 27, 2011


50th Reunion - Fabulous Dinner Finale - Aug. 27, 2011


50th Reunion - Fabulous Finale - Part II - Aug. 27, 2011


Theme Meeting - May 1, 2011

Can you identify these classmates?
See if you can match a photo to these names:
Judie Krenrich
Rosemary Branch
Mitzi Cheese
Georgeann Hellman
Tom Owens
Geri Hellman
Kay Hutchins
Ann Oyaas
David Perlman
Leslie Ptashne
Kay Pullen
Maxine Shapley
Lorilee Sorenson
George Weyer
Judy Martin
Jerry Shink
Linda Erickson
Margo Morris
Jane Johnson
Rick London
Niles Rumby
Kay Moran
Cookie Schwartz
Chuck Dowd
Bruce Humphrys
Dan Johnson