It is with great regret that our 60th Class Reunion planned for September 23, 2021, was CANCELLED due to the increase in COVID cases across the U.S.A. 

FYI, there haven't been any plans for a 61st Class Reunion.   

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Forty-five cents

for a three course meal*


*The "45 CENTS FOR A THREE-COURSE MEAL" tag line was created by Syd Rich, Penny Rich's father. Thank you Elliot for pointing this out and thank you Penny for letting us tell the world about it.




If you have any formal photos from those high school or club dances (SHE, Tropical, Prom, Sadie Hawkins, etc.), and you're willing to share them, please photograph (use a micro or macro lens) or scan them. Send a note to us using the website's 'Contact Us' page and we'll help you upload the photos. We'll post the best ones on this website.








Songs currently on the jukebox:
"It's Now or Never," Elvis Presley
"School Days," Chuck Berry
"Searchin'" The Coasters


>>>  For a taste of nostaligia, visit the YouTube website to select the BEST OF TIMES VIDEOS from the '50's and '60's   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbcM0SYkT-k