Remember them?
Remember them?
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Elementary School Years - 1949 to 1955
Junior High Years - 1956 to 1957
Senior High Years - 1958 to 1961
Foreign Exchange Student Photos
L>R: Dagmar (Dakie) Zeller (AFS Germany), Mary Nelson, Mary Mayhew, Morten Kelstrup (AFS Denmark)
Sitting: Dagmar (Dakie) Zeller (AFS Germany), Standing L>R: Diane Koelfgen, Claudia Kutzler, Nancy Conlee, Kay Hutchins
Center of photo:  Dagmar (Dakie) Zeller (AFS Germany)
L>R:  Kay Hutchins, Walter Tornow, Mary Mayhew, Gary Shaeffer, Dagmar (Dakie) Zeller (AFS Germany), Neil Sandstad, Nancy Conlee, Morten Kelstrup (AFS Denmark), Larry Nacht, Claudia Kutzler
AFS Student Tour - Dakie is in first row and Morten is second from left in top row.
Morten Kelstrup, Kay McCarthy, Karin Kelstrup - Kays visit to Copenhagen 2015
L>R: Kay Hutchins, Dakie Zeller, Rosemary Branch
2013? L>R: Claudia Kutzler, Kay Hutchins, Bruce Humphrys, Dakie Zeller, Morten Kelstrup, Rosemary Branch, Mary Nelson
Formal Dances
Soopersilledgical Spirit
1959 button
1960 button
1961 button
2011 50th Reunion button
Homecoming - Oct. 1960
Life After High School
50th Reunion - Aug. 25th, 2011 - Registration/Welcome Reception and Brookside Mini-Reunion
50th Reunion - Bus Tour - Aug. 25, 2011
50th Reunion - Lake Calhoun Rendezvous - Aug. 25, 2011
Nancy Conlee, Mary Mayhew
Diane Koelfgen, NancyConlee
?, ?, Claudia Kutzler
50th Reunion - Lake Minnetonka Cruise - Aug. 26, 2011
50th Reunion - Park Tavern Friday Night - Aug. 26, 2011
50th Reunion - Basketball Game - Aug. 26, 2011
50th Reunion - Pep Rally - Aug. 26, 2011
50th Reunion - High School Tour - Aug. 26, 2011
High School
Swimming Pool
School Hallway and lockers.
Band Room
50th Reunion - Memorial Service and Breakfast BBQ - Aug. 27, 2011
50th Reunion - Fabulous Dinner Finale - Aug. 27, 2011
50th Reunion - Fabulous Finale - Part II - Aug. 27, 2011
70th Birthday Bash - Sept. 21, 2013
55th Reunion 2016
Minneapolis Golf Club
Kathy Buresh, Rosemary Branch
From the Echowan
From the Echo
Theme Meeting - May 1, 2011